Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

Pebbles, pebbles galore!

Last week I went to a shop here in Berlin and bought me some sacks of glass-pebbles.

I use them for centers of flowers actually, but the clear ones are good for different jobs, too.

They can act like magnifiers in your project. If you have a vcery small butterfly or a blossom whatever you can glue a glasspebble on top and voila....

You can also create embellishments for your artjournal or postcards etc. with these. I glued little pictures of a magazine behind them, with glitterglue. I had an esoteric-magazine and sometimes they have small mandalas in them, you can use, etc. Or an angel, or a little face of a tibetan deity. I had loads of fun hunting in the magazine for a nice picture. After the glue has dried you just cut off the excess. Then I took some sandpaper and smoothed the edges of the paper and this also helps to add texture to the back, so the pebble will stick better to other surfaces. I feel like a millionaire. To me they are similar to magic balls or these snow-speres ("Schneekugel"). Of course you can use these as flower-centers too and then perhaps one flower has this deity-face in the center. Wouldn't that be cool?

I also thought maybe we could make pebble-swaps and they could also become collectibles like glassmarbles. Let me know, if you have any questions or what you created according to this. That would be awsome!

I send you all my good spring-wishes! Lots of warm sun and inspiration! :-)


  1. I LOVE this idea~!! Thank you for sharing! The idea to swap and collect them is also something I would love to do. I must look around my local shops to see if I can buy these.

    Louise x

  2. I've been coloring these in different ways but never thought of using ready pictures behind them. Have to try that. Thanks for the tip!